How do you Negotiate with Donald Trump? Coverage: Financial Post, CBC News

Dealing with aggressive power-based negotiators is one of the most common challenges many people struggle with in the process of negotiation. There are a few things to be aware of when squaring off with such people that can help you keep your cool and hold your ground so that you get your needs and interests respected without giving in. First, [...]

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Do Your Results Reflect Your Potential?

Each of us at any given time is performing – producing results – at some level of competence. Most of us function within an environment where those results are part of a performance management system which includes goals, strategies, and action plans designed to give us focus and direction and a framework for performance. But does your current level of [...]

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Have You Been Outside Your Comfort Zone Today?

One of the secrets to breakthrough in sales performance is not taught in any sales course I ever took – because it is attitudinal. It’s about stepping outside your comfort zone but not outside your competence zone. They are not the same thing and most sales people get the two confused. The best sales people I’ve ever met (or trained) [...]

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Are You A Sales Actor?

In a recent game in my men’s recreational hockey league we had a new player come out who worked with one of our guys. Much touted as a “guy who had played the game” we looked forward to welcoming him as someone who could make something happen on the ice. He was a decent enough sort  who could certainly talk [...]

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