Keynotes – Finely Crafted to Ignite the Crowd

We offer versions of our training and coaching seminars that make excellent additions to sales meetings, conferences, and events. Available in lunch and learn, hourly, half-day, and full day formats these highly motivating sessions are based on years of practical experience.

Sample Keynote Topics

  • Is Your Business an Adventure? – how to engage employees with a purpose to drive performance and growth
  • Intelligent Selling – how to collaborate with clients and customers on the shared journey to value
  • Sales Leadership – why sales professionals today need to think like leaders and realize the strategic importance of the sales role
  • Managing Performance in Times of Change – how to see change as an opportunity and win
  • Understanding Your Value – how to develop a powerful value proposition about your product, service, or business
  • What is Your Competitive Advantage and Who Cares?– how to clarify and communicate your competitive advantage
  • Selling in the New Economy – how to sell in the new era of buyer power and influence and against global competition
  • The Art of Leadership – why leadership is a choice and how companies can encourage leaders to emerge in their culture
  • The Art of Business Development – how to develop strategic new business relationships
  • Leadership and Teambuilding – what makes great teams work and the role of leadership in team performance
  • The Joy of Negotiating – how to get more comfortabel with conflict
  • Personal Performance Management – why 80% of people do not set goals and how to make goal-setting work, how to step outside your comfort zone (but not your competence zone) to achieve breakthroughs in performance

What are our Beliefs?

We help our clients grow by winning new customers and penetrating new markets and we help people grow by inspiring personal leadership.

Key to realizing the potential of your organization is to understand how you create value and then communicate that effectively. The key to unlocking that value is collaboration. People support what they help create and nobody is successful alone. We further believe that profit is a wonderful thing and how you make it matters.

We help our clients achieve sustainable growth and an exponential return on their investment in RFI.

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