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Intelligent Selling™


Title:       Intelligent Selling™

Subtitle: Sales Leadership and the Shared Journey to Value

Author:  William H. Smalley

ISBN:       978-0-9952966-0-2

UPC:       9-780995-296602

Category: Business


Product Description

Intelligent Selling is about a new way for sales professionals to think and act as they engage prospects, clients, and customers in the value creation process. Selling today is about collaboration, not just consultation, and that takes a different attitude and skill set. There have been rapid changes in the buying process and selling strategy has, in many industries, not kept pace with the clients’ expectations. Sales people need to think like leadersclearly communicate how they create value, initiate more engaging conversations with prospects and customers, and learn how to manage conflict. Intelligent Selling offers a new approach to the selling process. Sales leaders learn how to qualify more than once, establish the Six Conditions for Success, and uncover and resolve conflict in the form of hidden barriers that can stop a sale. As one Intelligent Selling training participant said, “You manage the traditional sale—you create the intelligent sale.” When you integrate leadership and interest-based negotiation skills into the consultative sales process you get a new and different buying experience that will drive customer loyalty and sales results.

Welcome to Intelligent Selling.

“The Intelligent Selling training yielded exceptional results and helped us become the top performing Americas team with an average of 130% attainment of sales goals. It helped us focus on value with our customers rather than trying to bowl them over with outdated aggressive sales techniques and that has made the difference.”

—Rob Anderson, Manager, Inside Renewal Sales, Symantec Canada

“We have seen a significant improvement in our sales force’s presentational skills, their confidence levels, and sales to call success ratios after the Intelligent Selling training.”

—Gerry Daigle, VP Canadian Business Unit, MIP Inc.

“The Value Dimensions exercise in the Intelligent Selling training was an incredible eye opener for all of us! The change in our customer conversations was so exciting and we immediately saw a lift in customers’ willingness to engage. The strategies from the Intelligent Selling training have been great wins for us”

—Lisa LeBlanc, Business Development Manager, Ash City Worldwide

“Bill’s training session with our sales team on business develop ment has allowed us to achieve an amazing 26% success rate on getting actual meetings with new prospects from our cold-calling campaign and has already made a difference to our business. It helped our sales people step outside their comfort zone but not their competence zone— and to understand the difference. We are very pleased with the results from his Intelligent Selling training.”

—Rob Naraj, Wholesale Business Manager, Sheridan Nurseries